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GreaseMax Single Point
Continuous Automatic Lubricator

GreaseMax is chemically operated and provides constant, continuous lubrication at a set rate, for set period without maintenance or adjustment.

A chemical reaction commences when the activator cap is screwed into GreaseMax. Gas so generated expands a diaphragm, causing pressure on a piston, which results in the discharge of the lubricant. When cartridge is empty the piston becomes visible in the transparent cone

GreaseMax Benefit :

  • Better mechanical reliability. Less down-time from bearing failure and therefore lower maintenance costs, better production rates and lower cost of production
  • Direct cost saving with lower labor requirements
  • Proven in-service performance
  • Reliability - based on a proven design and many years of in-service use
  • A safe product. GreaseMax has safety certification from the German TUV organization
  • Safety: there is no temptation to hand grease moving equipment when GreaseMax is installed
  • Product support - long experience in this market