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Acoustic Emission Machine

 Bearing Checker Machine:

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Kittiwake Developments Ltd. manufacture a range of products for the machine monitoring and equipment analysis market, including popular products like the MHC-Memo Pro, MHC-Classic Plus, MHC-Classic and the MHC-Bearing Checker. Vibration testing made easy.

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Kittiwake Developments Ltd. manufacture a range of sensors and accessories which are compatible with our vibration detetor measurement and analysis equipment. This includes structural monitoring and remote monitoring accessories for vibration testing.

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 Vibration Detector - Vibration Analysis:


 Acoustic Emission Equipment:



Kittiwake Developments Ltd. manufacture a range of acoustic emission measurement monitoring sensors specifically targeted at research applications and development, giving researchers and engineers a direct insight into the true nature of the acoustic emission equipment signals within machines.

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Kittiwake Developments Ltd. manufacture the SIMPAL system which is designed specifically as a structural failure detector. It is a stand-alone, autonomous system with distributed signal processing. By testing for small vibrations in the structure, potential failure can be identified at the earliest opportunity.

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Structural Monitoring: