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Form-Flex Coupling

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Siam Gen Co., Ltd. is representing Daido Precision Industries Limited (DPI)'s products as an exclusive agent for South East Asia market.

DPI's disc coupling have been widely accepted in Japanese Market under the brand name of "FORM-FLEX COUPLING" and have acquired a high reputation for their superior performance and quality among our customers covering every field of industries. 
  •  The FORM-FLEX coupling has no sliding, frictional, or rolling parts, so no lube oil is required.
  • Maintenance-free "FIT & FORGET"
  • Light weight and high torque
  • A wide range of allowance for misalignment
  • Small thrust load and bending moment
  • Backlash-free and high torsional rigidity
  • Excellent environment resistance
  • Tough construction and low load stress
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Fail safe mechanism

Click here for full specification for FORM-FLEX coupling